Wiki Felicifia is a collaboratively written encyclopaedia of utilitarianism. It will address philosophical and practical topics including:

  • What it means to improve the lives of sentient beings: and
  • How we can make the world better.

It may take years to assemble the best possible answers to these questions so Wiki Felicifia also has a simpler goal:

  • To help newcomers navigate the world of utilitarianism.

Although this goal is more modest, it is significant because critics have claimed that wellbeing cannot be defined and utilitarianism cannot be implemented. By orienting newcomers to utilitarianism, we will show that these critics are mistaken.

Wiki Felicifia owes material to Seth Baum's retired Felicifia Blog, David Pearce’s Utilwiki, and Alan Dawrst’s Reducing Suffering Wiki. It owes many of its users to Felicifia Forum, which remains the only online utilitarian community. Wiki Felicifia owes its existence to the widespread desire to restrict suffering and to advance wellbeing.

By drawing on these resources and others, let’s transform Wiki Felicifia into something we will all be proud of.